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Export to Excel file/Instance foibles

Norman Dunbar
Way hey! I'm running Toad 11.6 - yippee. I must say, it's a much better
looking Toad than before, the new icons etc make it look a lot better.
Mind you, I'm lost when it comes to clicking the right buttons though!
Seems my brain remembers what I should be clicking but my eyes cane lock
on to the new icons yet. never mind, time should fix that!

Anyway, a small but slightly irritating foible.

If I export a grid as an Excel File I get the headings in normal text
with no shading and the whole sheet has grid lines applied.

If I export another grid to the same file but as an Excel Instance, I
get bold headings plus a grey shading but no grid lines.

Can we have the formatting the same please as I sometimes have to export
a n umber of grids to the same file, and I always have to edit the
formatting of the sheets to make them appear consistent. (Management
like that sort if thing!)


Norm. [TeamT]