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SB-Jumping & Sneak Preview in Toad Week Toad Strong

Donna Buskirk
Here's one of Bert's favorite time savers and a sneak preview (for those not on the Beta list).
Read on. :)

Toad Week
Toad Strong
Weekly tips to strengthen your use of Toad

  Toad for Oracle

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Lots of links and info to help you use Oracle well by using Toad well.

Favorites from the List

"'unless a lot of users tell us to.'

Please, allow me to be the first..."

Tipsy Toad
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Toad rocks!

August 24, 2012
Jumping in the Schema Browser and a reports tutorial link.
Power Users
Who is a power user? You are.
Save time in the Schema Browser
Note: Screen shots are an exclusive 11.6 preview, but the functionality is the same. Thanks to Bert for this tip! It's one of his favorites.
The Schema Browser can perform intelligent contextual jumps to related items.
For example, to quickly learn more about an index:
*         In the Schema Browser, highlight an index on the Indexes tab.
*         Press SHIFT+F4.
Toad jumps to the indexes on that index. This is faster than changing the left-hand-side (LHS) selection from Tables to Indexes and scrolling down to choose that Index.
*         Then click the blue arrow 'Back to...' button on the toolbar [cid:image007.png@01CD81DA.6C76C8B0] to jump back to the table.
*         Use the 'Back to...' and 'Forward to...' buttons or click the drop-down arrow next to the 'Back to' or 'Forward to' button to choose from your browsed history.
These arrows function much like Internet browser buttons and can save you time when working in the Schema Browser.
New Toadies - HTML Reports
You were new once, too, and look at you now!
Watch this tutorial to learn how to create HTML reports (version 11.0 & 11.5):

Thanks for using Toad for Oracle,
- the Toad Team
Source of the future-looking toad photo; we (Greg) took the liberty of adding sunglasses because you are all so cool:
Source of the Toad Suck Park image:

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