Slow Editor statup and slow connection times in 11.5

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Slow Editor statup and slow connection times in 11.5

Michael Staszewski II
For 11.5 users.

If the Editor is taking a terribly long time to startup or if connection times are very long and you have the Editor set to auto open, try this.

On the main toolbar, click the drop-down on the "Toggle PL/SQL Profiler" button and chose "Remove Profiler."  There was an issue in the queries used when there were a lot of Profiles, the queries took an enormously long time and made the Editor appear to hang. Removing the profiler will remove all profiler run data that was stored so you'll no longer have access to old runs. The next time you enable profiling Toad will guide you through the quick setup process.

This bug has been resolved for Toad 11.6. It has been quiet on the list with respect to this issue, coming up only once from what I can tell, but support has seen several reports of it so I suspect others out there are experiencing it as well.