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Donna Buskirk
Busy weeks ahead, so this is short.
Send me a tip or question for next week?

Toad Week
Toad Strong
Weekly tips to strengthen your use of Toad

  Toad for Oracle

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Lots of links and info to help you use Oracle well by using Toad well.

Favorites from the List
"...the HELP | Toad Online did the trick." (Way to warm a tech writer's heart!)
...and internally...
"Result:  Work weird ;-)"

Tipsy Toad
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Q: What do toads drink?
A: Croaka-cola! Hot croako!
Q: What do you get if cross a science fiction film with a toad?
A: Star Warts!
Q: Why did the tadpole feel lonely?
A: Because he was newt to the area!


[]August 3, 2012
Curiosity is landing on Mars this weekend.
Think they'll find any Toad users there? Anyone hosting or attending a "landing party?"
Check it out at
Power Users

Who are our power users? You are!

Thanks to Dan for sharing his expertise on his blog (Toad World):
Beta<> Development Update
The dev team is very busy, so here's a rhyme instead:
The Toad Team is heads-down this week
I know you know the feeling
When deadlines loom, creating gloom
And stress levels are reeling.
Of course, we here at Quest are such a well developed software team that we don't actually experience stress.  But if we did, and because you may be on deadline too, I would just share stress-management tips: eat right, recreate often, get regular fun exercise, sleep at least once every night, and use Quest Software to save time at the office.
>>> Beta users, go to:
Help | Toad Online | New in This Release
...for Developers' notes and instructions.
New Toadies
You were new once, too, and look at you now
Quick question for you this week: How can we help you?

Remember, if you didn't fall off the planet this week, you had success, after success, after success. We just take the little ones for granted, don't we?
Computer Martian print courtesy of
Source of the future-looking toad photo; we (Greg) took the liberty of adding sunglasses because you are all so cool.:<>

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