Toad Week Toad Strong ... last chance to learn something new in July

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Toad Week Toad Strong ... last chance to learn something new in July

Donna Buskirk
Hello Again,
Before the next issue, we will say goodbye to July.
How many new Toady things will you learn in August?

Toad Week
Toad Strong
Weekly tips to strengthen your use of Toad

  Toad for Oracle

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Archived Issues
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Lots of links and info to help you use Oracle well by using Toad well.
Favorites from the List
“Welcome Aboard!!!!!”
“This does not work for me too.”
“+1 for Unicode”
“But it’d be much better without those pains, IMO*. “
*IMO = “in my opinion”
According to Wikipedia, this is called, “SMS language or textese (also known as txt-speak, txtese, chatspeak, txt, txtspk, txtk, txto, texting language, txt lingo, SMSish, txtslang,or txt talk).”
Think this is unrelated to Toad? Au contraire! Toad is moving into the next generation with new mobile components.
You may not need “textese,” but it can’t hurt to be up on these things so we can understand the next generation of Toad users.

Tipsy Toad
Share your favorite tips. Email me<mailto:[hidden email]?subject=Tipsy%20Toad> with “Tipsy Toad” in the subject line. [cid:image004.png@01CD55E2.63FEB860]

Still Reading?<mailto:[hidden email]?subject=Tipsy%20Toad>
Check out (no relation).
“"Wow, it's beautiful outside! I should probably do something. I'll close the blinds so there isn't a glare on my screen."

July 27, 2012
Wow, Toad Repository and myToad. Which to try first?
Beta<> Development Update

XLS functionality has been restored.  EurekaLog seems to be working as well.


Who works with IBM Rational ClearCase?
Stephen is looking for folks to assist him with config issues.

Project Lucy

Who has worked with Project Lucy lately?
Feedback greatly appreciated

It’s here! Repository – I just sent instructions, and they’re in Help | Toad Online | New in This Release.

>>> Beta users, go to:
Help | Toad Online | New in This Release
…for Developers’ notes and instructions.
New Toadies
You were new once, too, and look at you now
Have you mastered this simple and very useful function?
“Best feature? Export to Excel or HTML Table. I love the way I can write a query, export the results to excel or drop the HTML on the clipboard, paste it into a email and off it goes.
How about this?
“…11.5 where they improved the Import Table Data functionality.

-          I had some imports that used to take over 10 minutes to upload.

-          They now import in just a few seconds.
This feature alone ensures that I would never go back to a version prior to 11.5.”
Power Users

Who are our power users? You are!

Favorite feature?

“In a word, unicode.”

Check out this blog post for…”solutions to two symptoms we commonly hear from Toad for Oracle customers: Invalid characters in the data grids and invalid characters in the Editor.”

This week’s Tweet

Pass this one on?
[Donna Buskirk]<>Donna Buskirk ‏@Toadwriter<>
I see requests for Toad for Oracle. Grab a trial here: …<>.
Here's what's new for 11.5: <>  Lotsa!

Enjoy summer while it lasts (assuming it’s summer whether where you are).

Source of the future-looking toad photo; we (Greg) took the liberty of adding sunglasses because you are all so cool.:<>

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