What’s (NOT) your killer feature?

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What’s (NOT) your killer feature?

Lovelady, Dennis E.
Well, since this came up, it got me thinking about “features”  that I wouldn’t miss if they’re not present in future version(s).  (I’m using, with no add-ons.)

First is hard to explain.  Situation is that we have an unpinned Data Grid displaying in TOAD, taking the bottom half of a window, with a long SQL statement partially hidden by that grid.  Now, when we use the cursor to try to select text from that SQL statement, the unpinned Data Grid will not move out of the way, and no scrolling takes place to let us see what’s being selected.  We have to interrupt the select operation, click on the Data Grid, then click on the SQL pane to make the unpinned pane go away… then we can select as normal.  This is worsened by the fact that the Data Grid will (almost, but not quite) always open when swapping between tabs.  I feel that an unpinned pane, once dismissed, should stay away until recalled intentionally.  And there should be a Dismiss capability that doesn’t involve gain/leave focus operation.  I also feel that it should not be possible for text to stay hidden while it’s being selected.  The text should scroll or the barriers should disappear.  (I hope that’s worded clearly enough.)

Second is that the Scope in the Find window seems to have a mind of its own.  I cannot count the number of times I’ve done a Replace All, only to find that All was not Replaced.  I check the Scope and it looks fine.  Nearest I can determine, Scope will revert to “Selected Text” at the will of the editor (perhaps related to data being selected - even if the data was selected by an error condition, and not by the user) - and then revert back!!!  These sorts of settings should Stick; that’s what the preferences are for.

Now maybe I’m misusing the application, or not exercising certain settings that I haven’t found, but these two issues have been the bane of my existence since I started using this tool.

Don’t get me wrong:  I absolutely love Toad and its capabilities, and I put up with these things because it’s worth the little pains along the way.  But it’d be much better without those pains, IMO.  Our organization is slow to change, and we’ll likely be on 10.6 for the next several years (perhaps until a notoriously warm place develops ice in its craters).  So not sure there is any help for it.

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How about Toad 9.6 does not work with Oracle 11g case sensitive passwords – so user might not be able to connect ☺

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I was chatting with one of my colleagues who is still using TOAD 9.6 and I asked him why he didn't upgrade to 11.5. He wasn't sure what the benefit would be. We use the Schema Browser and SQL Editor primarily so the best I could come up with were:

1. The editor now highlights every instance of a selection
2. You can compare the values of multiple lines of data in the data grid to identify differences
3. Describing an object now groups all of your describes together so that you don't have lots of describe windows all over the place

But, it got me thinking. What's your killer feature?

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