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Donna Buskirk

Toad Week
Toad Strong
Weekly tips to strengthen your use of Toad

  Toad for Oracle

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"Perfect!  I've gotten so button happy, I didn't even think about trying F keys."

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Be slow, but go!

August 31, 2012
We did it!

Thanks to Developers and Beta Users, QA and Documentation, we delivered 11.6 internally yesterday. What a team effort, and here's a shout out to Support, PM, Sales, Marketing, HR, and all the other folks who take care of us and get our efforts to you.
Power Users
Who is a power user? You are.
How many of you use this?
While...Do Action

(From online help)

Use the While...Do action to control the flow of your Toad Apps. Using this action, you can have a Toad App repeat an action until a specified condition is met. A While action is similar to a Repeat...Until action, except that the conditional actions are executed before the statement actions are executed. Hence, if any of the conditional actions are false, the statement actions are never executed.

Read this action in English as "While these actions return true, execute (Do) these actions." In other words, while all the actions under the While node return True, execute all the actions under the Do node. As soon as any action under the While node returns False, stop execution of the actions under the Do node and continue processing the rest of the Toad App, setting the return value of the While..Do action to True. Furthermore, if any of the actions under the Do node return False, set False as the return value of the main While..Do action and halt further execution of the Toad App.

You may use multiple WHILE actions. You may need only one. It is probable that only one WHILE action will be used though many are supported.

To use the While...Do action

  1.  From the Automation Designer (Utilities | Automation Designer), select Control, and then click the 'While...do' button on the toolbar. Click again in the app where you want to use the action.

  1.  Create the actions you want to test, and the actions that you want to repeat.

Drag the action you want to use as a test into the new While node in the app.

  1.  Drag the action you want to repeat into the Do node in the app.

  1.  If necessary, double-click your conditional actions and adjust their properties.


This is an example of one possible use of this action.

  *   Create a While...Do action and name it Run Maintenance Script.

  *   Create a TNS Ping action to download files from the FTP server.

  *   Create an Execute Script action to search for a specific string.

*         Drag the TNSPing action under the While node and drag the Execute Script action under the Do node.

You now have a functional Toad App which executes a maintenance script on the database until the database listener stops.

New Toadies
You were new once, too, and look at you now!

- the Toad Team
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