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Donna Buskirk
Hello there,
Read on! :)

Toad Week
Toad Strong
Weekly tips to strengthen your use of Toad

  Toad for Oracle

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Lots of links and info to help you use Oracle well by using Toad well.

Favorites from the List..."one Mississippi..."
"Those timings are done by counting (Mississippi), so not very accurate."

...and, internally...

"Have a great weekend me heartie."
Tipsy Toad
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August 10, 2012
Two helpful tips.
Power Users

Who are our power users? You are!

Greg shared this resource (outside of Toad but helpful with code). Could this help you?

"And I've installed ClipX.  Very neat."


*         "I would like to be able to switch between windows in TOAD whilst I copy and paste the values into the Variables tab before I execute the query.

*         "This would involve scanning for them first and then allowing us to execute so not sure exactly how this would work but it would be no more overhead than having to populate the "Click OK" on the pop-up window.


*         "Greg put me onto this (ClipX) and it is very useful.

o    It's a clipboard history tool for lack of a better description.

o    Ctrl+v still pastes normally, but...

o    Ctrl+Shift(alt?)+V brings up history.

"Load up your clipboard and paste away. It's quite incredible."

Similar functionality is being added in the Idea Pond. Visit toadfororacle.ideascale.com.

Dev Team

Answering users directly, daily


"When you compile code from the Editor window the cursor scrolls through all of the code and ends up at the bottom of the code."


"Compile with F9/green arrow button. I suspect you are executing it as a script using F5 or the lightning bolt button.

Compiling using F9 will give you a more detailed message display when there are errors. It also will obey the compile with debug option as well as other compile specific options like compile dependencies, etc. See View|Options|Execute/Compile. The options in the Compiling groupbox only apply to F9 compile, not script execution.

- Michael"

Beta<https://twitter.com/wordpressdotcom> Development Update
Thanks for your patience with new toolbar icons without documentation yet.
Are you finding them by location? Of course you are.
>>> Beta users, go to:
Help | Toad Online | New in This Release
...for Developers' notes and instructions.
New Toadies
You were new once, too, and look at you now!
Have a safe, productive and fun weekend,
- the Toad Team
Computer Martian print courtesy of Zazzle.com.
Source of the future-looking toad photo; we (Greg) took the liberty of adding sunglasses because you are all so cool.: www.digitalcinemareport.com/Sundance-Cane-Toads-Barco-Dolby
Source of the "Toad car" image: http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/3oyom1/

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